Get Organized!

Time to Get Organized?

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more organized, a great place to start is cleaning your desk! Now is the perfect time to reclaim control of your workspace and ensure everything is in its place. Whether you work from home or an office, being well-organized has lots of advantages in your career. Start with these six tips for success:


Knowing where things are, keeps you on top of your game. When you’re constantly digging under a pile of paperwork or jampacked drawer, you’re wasting valuable time you could be spending on something more productive. Filing things where they belong creates less surface clutter—and ensures you know where they’re at when you need them. Using drawer organizers can go a long way.


Having a tidy desk projects an image of competence and expertise. We've all seen that co-worker's desk scattered with dirty coffee cups, food scraps, tangled cords and mounds of clutter. A professional person takes pride in his or her appearance, whether it's an outfit, a car or a desk. Try to look at your desk from an outsider’s perspective and think about what it says about you. Maintaining professionalism builds credibility.


Working on projects requires you to multitask using a calendar, phone, reports, books, studies, etc. Even in the digital age, much of our work is done with physical supplies, so make your desk functional. Don’t be the person at the office with the cluttered desk! Try using a docking station/stand for your electronics; this brings a clean, organized look.


If you are dealing with sensitive information, leaving it sitting around on your desk can put you or your company at risk. Leaving these kinds of documents lying around isn't smart, especially if you work in an open concept space.


It’s difficult to prioritize your projects if you’re not organized. A messy desk is overwhelming and creates chaos in your working space. It’s important to prioritize your projects by using a system that works best for you. This may be using a file folder, a written list, sticky notes, vision board, etc.


Make concentrating on your projects easier by setting up your space with everything you need from the get go. Interruptions like getting up to grab supplies can be a distraction in your train of thought. Bins or drawer organizers are great for storing supplies and keeping them easily accessible and visible. Also, adding a simple pot of rosemary has shown benefits in improving mental abilities!

Having an organized, visually appealing workspace brings clarity and focus to your work. Keep things tidy and achieve your goals!



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