Jul 31, 2017 | Elissa Grohne

6 Essential Oils That Will Boost Your Brain Function!

Do you find yourself struggling with brain fog?  Do you sometimes have feelings of confusion, forgetfulness, or lack of focus?

Essential oils which are known to be aromatic plant compounds have beneficial effects on human health and well-being. According to a renowned neurosurgeon, Dr Bach Leed of the University Florida, essential oils have amazing effects on the mental state of an individual and on the mood of an individual!

Dr Leed further explained that essential oils are composed of chemical compounds called terpenes, which are small molecules that can easily be inhaled through the nose into the blood stream. Because terpenes are very small, they can bypass the blood-brain barrier and impact its neurological processes.  Additionally, recent research has shown that when a scent molecule is inhaled by the nostrils, it is bound to the olfactory cells and from there gets to the brain. Think of walking past a bakery…mmm. 

Certain essential oils have properties which can help stimulate the brain for cognitive reasoning and improve one’s mood.  A simple method of inhaling these oils is to place three to five drops in a diffuser.  Choose a single oil or a combination of oils which most appeal to you.

Here are six of our favorite essential oils to improve cognitive performance: 

Rosemary: Researchers Mark Moss and Lorraine Oliver detailed how 1,8-cineole, a rosemary oil component, correlates with improved cognitive performance. Moss and Oliver exposed their subjects to rosemary oil vapor and found both speed and accuracy were improved.

Frankincense: Frankincense, used aromatically, can help improve focus, limit distractions, and boost concentration. It also reduces anxiety, hyperactivity, impatience, irritability, and restlessness.

VetiverRecent research credits vetiver oil for treating symptoms of ADHD and ADD. It’s also known to increase libido and treat insomnia. There are several vetiver oil benefits you can take advantage of in the comfort of your home office.

Lemon: An essential oil like lemon has the ability of uplifting and warming both the mind and body of a person and as such to uplift our cognitive performance and boost our mood.

Peppermint oil: Peppermint is found to naturally stimulate the brain, so when few drops are diffused and inhaled, peppermint oil can help promote retentive memory and re-enforce positive mental performance.

Clary Sage oil: Sage can induce feelings joy, confidence, and high spirits. It is often used to treat depression, chronic stress, and anxiety.

Many products including oils, lotions, candles, and skin care are promoted as "aromatherapy."  Be aware these products usually contain synthetic fragrances and do not have the same properties as essential oils.  Look for high-quality pure oils at natural food stores or buy from suppliers to professional aromatherapists. Check out our beautiful electric aromatherapy lamp and oil diffuser here to start increasing your brain function!

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